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Monday, January 31, 2011

#benihanakuw I bet you feel foolish now dont you!

Right, for those not in the know, there has been a social media networking storm of epic proportions today.  It all centres around a blogger called Mark who resides in Kuwait.  You can find his blog here
Now this guy, wrote about his experience in a restaurant franchise called Benihana, a worldwide franchise.  Basically saying service was nice and friendly but the food not great.  The owner of the branch he dined at has decided to sue him!  Not only that, it seems his court papers were written by a 3 year old having a tantrum.. you can find the English translation here.

The frenzy that followed has been unparalleled.  The online community has gathered together on facebook, twitter and other blogs to support Mark and his right to give his honest opinions.  The owner of the franchise in Kuwait, Mike Servo, in his infinite wisdom decided rather than to listen to a valid point from a customer and improve his restaurant, to take legal action.  This has amusingly caused, I would say about, and this is approximate, about 1 million times the amount of bad publicity then the original rather inoffensive review might have done.  I personally find this hilarious.

The unfortunate thing is this Mike Servo guy has the right to sue, as we as bloggers are not protected in the way that a writer for a newspaper or a magazine are.

I hope someone is writing all this down as it would make a really good manual on how to commit corporate suicide.

So, fellow bloggers, tweeters and facebookers, lets give Mark our virtual support and stand up to big business bullying!  You can support him by tweeting #benihanakuw. 

Spread the word!!

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