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Friday, November 26, 2010

A trip to Tesco's

The other night, I visited my local Tesco metro so stock up on snackage ready for a marathon night of xboxing.  I got the usual gaming fare... Coke, chocolate, crisps and these nice cheese twists that they do there.  When I got to the till, the assistant put everything in a bag for me, apart from my chocolate. 

"I'll let you put this in your handbag in case it gets lost in the carrier bag"

Lost?.... Lost in a tescos bag?  Why should be Twix be anymore precious than my other vital groceries?  Is this a comman phenonman?  Do items usualy disappear from Tescos bags?  If it is, I would have saved my Diet Coke from this impending voayage into the unknown, not my Twix.  Oh had I but known!

1 comment:

Desmond said...

Everybody knows that chocolate is the most precious element in the universe.