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Monday, December 20, 2010

People who mess about in car parks

So... its nearly Christmas and I decided to pop to sainsburys for some christmas essentials... wrapping paper, gift tags, Hello Kitty stationary, you know the usual.  Now the thing that I hate most about supermarkets is the car parks.  People just faf around and get in my way constantly!  Seriously, there was some clueless woman with a shopping trolley just in the middle of the road not moving!!  WHY???  Why on earth would she think its a good idea to just plonk her self in the middle of the road in a supermarket car park a few days before christmas???  As I drove up to her, I stopped (I am nothing but restrained) and she just looked at me, LOOKED AT ME!! as if I was doing something insane... So I motioned for her to get out of the road and she continued to stare as if I had 3 heads or something... 2 minutes when past, and being the ultra polite  person I am, beeped my horn for about 10 seconds so she could have no doubt of my intention.  She leaped about 5 foot in the air and scuttled off to the pavement... yes the pavement... for pedestrians!

First obstacle overcome, I drive around looking for a car parking space, and would you believe it, someone else gets in my way.  This time the car I am following just decided to stop.  There doesn't seem to be any reason for this, no mad women with trolleys in sight, no one quickly getting in or out of the car.  Nothing... Just stopped.  Do people realise there are other cars that want to, god forbid, actually park??? 

Then there is the classic... The reverse without looking straight into the road where you have to slam on your brakes to avoid ploughing into them side on... or my personal favorite, lets take up 2 car parking spaces as I cant be arsed to park properly and everyone else can just park around me, so when I leave, the other drivers will look like they have the inability to park.

oh and happy christmas

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things that people do in WoW that annoy me

Ok, I play World of Warcraft, i'm a geek I admit it wholeheartedly.  As some of you no doubt know, the new expantion came out this week, so I've been leveling like mad along with the other addicted masses...

However some people in game behaviour really bring out the worst in me.. So here is a list of things that people do in WoW that annoy me...

1.  People who put herbs on the AH in stacks of 1.  You money grabbing bastards!

2.  Druids who swoop in and steal a herb that I'm tryng to pick.  Just because you don't have to break flight form doesn't mean you don't have to have manners!

3.  Players in a PuG that have to constantly go on about how great they are....  Well I had the legendary mace and I don't link it in every other sentence.  Get some god damn modesty you egotistical idiots!

4. Players in PuG's that constantly link recount after every trash pull just to show they are top dps... until a boss fight when they are generally rubbish and go all quiet.

5.  Finally,  people who kill my mobs, take my quest items and get in my way.  Don't you all know that this is MY game?  You are ruining it for me.  GO AWAY!