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Friday, December 10, 2010

Things that people do in WoW that annoy me

Ok, I play World of Warcraft, i'm a geek I admit it wholeheartedly.  As some of you no doubt know, the new expantion came out this week, so I've been leveling like mad along with the other addicted masses...

However some people in game behaviour really bring out the worst in me.. So here is a list of things that people do in WoW that annoy me...

1.  People who put herbs on the AH in stacks of 1.  You money grabbing bastards!

2.  Druids who swoop in and steal a herb that I'm tryng to pick.  Just because you don't have to break flight form doesn't mean you don't have to have manners!

3.  Players in a PuG that have to constantly go on about how great they are....  Well I had the legendary mace and I don't link it in every other sentence.  Get some god damn modesty you egotistical idiots!

4. Players in PuG's that constantly link recount after every trash pull just to show they are top dps... until a boss fight when they are generally rubbish and go all quiet.

5.  Finally,  people who kill my mobs, take my quest items and get in my way.  Don't you all know that this is MY game?  You are ruining it for me.  GO AWAY!

1 comment:

Stuntyone said...

No Lucy it's MY game and that was MY quest item you just stole. Get your facts right and get outta mah questin' zone! ... and get off mah lawn you damned kids!