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Friday, April 08, 2011

Going Back To Work

As some of  you know, recently I've been pretty ill, hence the extended rantless period, which ended up with me going in for surgery.  So I've been off work for quite a while, which lets face it, ill or not is great!  I get to lie in bed all day watching films, playing my Xbox while people come and visit me bearing chocolate and sweets and Diet Coke!  My house mate even gave me a bell to ring should I require anything....  I have decided I quite like this despite the wrenching pain in my stomach whenever I breathe (or laugh, tip: don't watch comedy films while you have stitches)

Well, it was my first day back yesterday, and so many people said things like "Oooh I bet your glad to be back aren't you"  "I bet it must have been awful, you must have been so bored".  And I smile and nod and say yes, Im so glad to be back where I have to get up early, sit at a desk for 9 hours and have to make MYSELF coffee.  Its such a relief not have people coming around all the time with their gifts of confection.  I'm soooooo glad to back.

Well to be fair, I am glad the all pervading nausea, crippling migraines, constant pain and fatigue are gone so I suppose work is a fair trade off.... actually no... I'LL TAKE THE SWEETS AND DIET COKE!

In a moment of none sarcasm, massive thanks to all my friends and family who looked after me and came to visit  and called me, it was very very much appreciated. And to Pou... only 3 stroopwaffles left, I think I made them last quite well :P

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