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Saturday, June 11, 2011

People who eavesdrop!

I HATE people who eavesdrop.  Those people who listen into every conversation and phone call and then feel the need to comment or butt in.

There's a certain someone where I work, lets call him Ams, who does this all the time.    And I really mean ALL THE TIME.  I can even be in the next room talking to someone or having a conversation on the phone, and old big ears listens in and, get this, actually shouts his comments through to me.

Yesterday, I was talking near his desk, to a friend and he stopped his work and turned to us and just watched and listened to us.  Like we were some kind of television program!!

Ams has this other annoying habit of answering every question.  For example... "Lucy, have you fixed the E-mail server?" Before, I even have chance to open my mouth, he has answered for me.  He does this with everyone, ALL THE TIME!!!

Do you know what?  This could turn into a full fledged rant about Ams, but I think I'm going to save that for later...

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